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328 Q& A on Law Issues

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In the society ruled by law, our lives are closely bound up to law issues, for example, the property belonging to you changes as you marry; everything like training, quitting and fire in your work is constricted by law. All in all, learning some knowledge on law is of great importance in modern society.

This app tells us law from 7 parts: civil and administration, house and property, inheritance of property, labor security, daily consuming, compensation for damages. 328 questions and answers are included in the above 7 parts.
Combining with law knowledge and titles, different law themes and typical law examples, each question are well answered by lawyers.
The app also has the searching function, you could find answers for nearly all your doubts in your daily life.

Following this app to learn knowledge on law issues, you could use law to protect yourself from risks!

【Characteristics of the app】

Easy-to-understand and authoritative knowledge on law
Case analysis
Latest interactive and three-dimensional reading experience

【Customer reviews】

Excellent tool for us seeking answers of daily law issues!
--- Louis
The contents are detailed and good for those who have limited time and just need help with the approach to the questions.
--- Mark
Essential reading for the non-lawyer needing a general knowledge of the law.
--- Joecy_Yuki

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